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One of the greats from Cuban painting, maestro Manuel Mendive, first exhibits his work in diverse genres in Yucatan.

"El color blanco, azul, verde y el color de mi piel" is the title of this exhibit, which top feature is the dialog of the artist with nature, as visual discourse of the harmony and the light that has been inaugurated in the Regional Anthropology Museum or Canton Palace. Read More

The Cuban National Ballet performed fragments from The Nutcracker at the Hospital of Oncology in Havana

In what has become a habitual act of humanism, the Cuban National Ballet (BNC), directed by Alicia Alonso, once again put on a performance for the children at the Hospital of Oncology in Havana. Read More

In Cuban Province, 160 Kidney Transplants Performed

Celia Hernández, a housewife from the Cuban port city of Cienfuegos, is recovering satisfactorily after having been 160th renal transplant patient since 2001 at a facility in the islands province of Villa Clara. Read More

The scriptwriter of the famous Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and chocolate), presents "In The Sky with Diamonds".

In 1993, for the first time ever in Cuban cinema, Strawberry (considered among the Best Foreign Film category for the Oscars that year) dealt with homosexuality and intolerance in the island, seen through the eyes of a gay connoisseur of Cuban culture and the emerging young communist writer he eventually befriends. Read More

Silvio Rodríguez and his guests proved to be unpublished fact, a way to say in the Cuban Revolution

Anthological songs played by Silvio around the world like Cita con Ángeles, also another from troubadour Vicente Feliú, made a reality with Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban prisoners of the impire in North American jails. Read More

Lately, weve witnessed in Cuba a small but interesting "boom" in Argentine literature

Several Cuban publishing houses have published novels, stories, poems, essays and caricatures by renowned writers from that country. Read More

Cuba and its system of socialist participative democracy

Thousands of tons of ink and paper, hundreds of thousands of radio and TV broadcast hours and millions of kilowatts of electricity are spent every year in Western industrialized countries to advertise their electoral campaigns and their model of representative democracy. Read More

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba's CLA (Center for Applied Linguistics) will expand its impact on Caribbean countries

Vitelio Ruiz affirmed, founder of the Santiago de Cuba affiliate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, mentioned the antecedent Caribbean dictionary elaborated in collaboration with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Colombia. Read More

Pinar del Río, Cuba, People Have Been Called to Vote for All

More than 542 thousand Pinar del Río people are called to participate this Sunday to the second face of general elections in Cuba; in order to elect their provincial and national parliaments. Read More

At the threshold of the 7th Congress of the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC)

The vice-president of the Congress organizing committee, writer Miguel Barnet told reporters in Havana that the event will count on the participation of representative figures in the field of culture. Read More