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Cuba Worked Intensely in Science in 2007

There was important progress against head and neck cancer with the hR3 Humanized Monoclonal Anti-Body, and the Prevenox (D003), a natural medication registered as a supplement. Read More

Fidel Castro Praises Chilean Healer

Reflections by the Commander in Chief AN EXAMPLE OF GOOD COMMUNIST BEHAVIOUR I am referring to a Chilean woman, Elena Pedraza, a highly educated specialist in rehabilitation. Read More

Cuba is near to a better daily cultural program

Fernando Rojas asserted that 2007 was a year of intense cultural debates, which is something good and must be further developed. Read More

Jazz Plaza 2008 Festival

The organizing comitee is made by Jesús "Chucho" Valdés, as president ( and Alexis Vázquez Aguilera as the vice president. Read More

Panamanian Officials to Face Trial for Releasing Anti-Cuba Terrorist

Three collaborators in the administration of former Panamanian president Mireya Moscoso will go on trial this coming Monday for infractions related to the release of anti-Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, reported local judicial sources Monday. Read More

Cuban Fem Jazz A Hit in Russia

The Muchachas del Caribe spent three weeks performing Caribbean rhythms on stages in this capital led by keyboard player Thiving Guerra. Read More

«Karate Do» means renouncing material possessions and searching for knowledge.

«Mom, karate is what I like, » said little Juan Manuel on the way to the tatami mat. At eight years of age, he couldnt understand why he was practicing judo instead of his favorite martial art. Read More

Cuban Families Benefit from ALBA Project

The program between Cuba and Venezuela seeks to improve the infrastructure of agrarian, sugar, fishing and trade production, among other sectors. Read More

Cuba Makes Breakthrough Against Coronary and Parasitic Diseases

Substances that can be used to detect or treat heart and parasitic diseases have been discovered through research conducted at the Organic Synthesis Laboratory at University of Havanas School of Chemistry. Read More

Indian House Speaker Praises Cuba

The Indian delegation exchanged with Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage and National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon Monday, when they expressed thanks for the examples of solidarity of the Cuban people and leaders since they arrived in Havana. Read More