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Book on Internationalists experiences in Angola has been printed

The first volume was printed out in 2006, and a third is foreseen for 2008. It will put an end to the publication of a trilogy that reads the protagonism of Camagüeys internationalists from 1975 to 1977 in Angola. Read More

Cuba's Soccer Team to Play in Florida for the First Time

The tournament schedule was announced over the weekend in New York, reported Granma newspaper. Read More

Friend of Cuba Phillip B. Agee Passes Away in Havana

Phillip B. Agee, a friend of Cuba and restless defender of the people's struggle for a better world, passed away in Havana on Jan 7, Granma newspaper reported. Read More

Cuban Scientists Advance in HIV Vaccine Research

According to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, Martinez added that the safety of the product has already been tested "in animal models with very encouraging results." Read More

Mexico was at the head of the 2007 Cuban film exhibition

The first place in the selection of the best movie showed in 2007. The selection is made by the Cuban Association of Cinematographic Press and was known this week. Read More

General Elections in Cuba Getting Closer

Of the 614 candidates for the parliament, 374 (60.91 percent) were born after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. Another 134 (21.82 percent) were under the age of ten. Only 106 candidates (17.25 percent) knew capitalism in Cuba. Read More

Effective nephrology technique applied in Pinar del Rio

At that health care institution destined to give assistance to the five eastern municipalities of the province, that indicator is of 10,9 percent, while in the United States 20 percent of the people who suffer from this condition die, specially adults who have diabetes and high-blood pressure. Read More

The aqueduct system will be declared National Monument

The fernando VII Aqueduct will also be part of the National Monument. This aqueduct was opened in 1835 to be the first one to take the water of the city through the pipes. Big estates around it used its waters for their home needs. Read More

Message from Fidel Castro to the Round Table TV Program

Cuban President Fidel Castro, when referring to the countrys democratic elections scheduled to take place on January 20, confirmed that he is a solid supporter of the "united vote". Read More

Cuban Mens Volleyball Team Defeats Trinidad and Tobago

The Cuban mens volleyball team easily defeated Trinidad and Tobago and today advance to take on the Dominican Republic for a place in the semi-finals in the NORCECA pre-Olympic tournament being held in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Read More