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Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay are the Latin American Nations Excels in Reforestation

Cuba over-fulfilled its reforestation commitment in 2007, by planting 136 million trees to end among the top four Latin American and Caribbean countries advancing in this task. If this rhythm is maintained every year, Cuba might materialize its goal of forests on 29 percent of its surface by the year 2015. Read More

The UN resident coordinator attended the premiere of the book "Sabana Camaguey Ecosystem, the Current Situation" in Cuba

Susan McDade, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), praised the actions taken by Cuba towards sustainable development and thanked the Cuban government for the support in the second stage of the Sabana Camaguey Project. Read More

Santiago de Cuba was chosen to host this year's all-star baseball game on February 3

The announcement came from the presidency of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) at a press conference on Tuesday at Havana's Sports City. Read More

Casa Award to defend of true literature, the artistic tradition of Latin America

In his opening discourse in the venue of the institution, the writer warned on the dangers of neo-liberal globalization on culture, whose computerization is banishing books, a true treasure of humanity and with a millenary trajectory, since the appearance of the papyrus in the ancient world. Read More

Evo Morales praised Cuba's cooperation efforts with health and education programs

In his address to the nation marking two years in office, Morales stressed that, thus far, more than 200,000 low-income Bolivians have recovered their sight thanks to the Operation Miracle free eye-surgery program conducted by Cuba and Venezuela. Read More

Dedicated the XVII International Book Fair, Two tributes: Antón Arrufat y Graziella Pogolotti

The control of the language and the critical sense emphasize the merit of the writers to whom is dedicated the XVII International Book Fair, they are the National Literature Award winners Antón Arrufat and Graziella Pogolotti. Read More

Cuba has banned the hunting of marine turtles endangered in the Caribbean

The decision was applauded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a lifeline to all turtle species hatching on beaches throughout the Caribbean, but above all the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Read More

The Cuban singer Carlos Varela will make a presentation at a hall of the old city in Panama City

In a statement made to the show supplement of La Prensa, Varela said that in the concert he will include new themes as well as hits from his CDs Siete, Monedas al aire and Nubes. Read More

The historian and essay writer Pedro Álvarez Tabío won in Havana the 2007 National Edition Award winner

According to the jury Álvarez Tabío, who is also the director of the Publication Office of the State Council has a vast publishing practice and among his most important works is the edition of Cien horas con Fidel (Hundred Hours with Fidel), written by the Spanish - French journalist Ignacio Ramonet. Read More

Nigerian Yoruba Community Rejects Imprisonment of Cuban Five

The imprisonment of five antiterrorist Cubans in the US was rejected by traditional Yoruba leaders from the Nigerian state of Ondo. Read More