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The ballet "Tema y variaciones" is 60 years old now

If Alicia Alonso had been deprived of the capacity to speak, her hands would be her voice. When she speaks, she emphasizes through the gesture... Read More

Celebrating 40th anniversary of "El Gran Zoo" (The Great Zoo) written by Nicolás Guillén

Just before ending 2007, Nicolás Guillén Foundation together with Cuban Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) celebrated 40th anniversary of great poetry book "El Gran Zoo" (The Great Zoo) written by Cuban national poet Nicolás Guillén. Read More

New services for the people of Camagüey due to 49th anniversary of the Revolution

Six houses were given to the same number of families in this young municipality, created in 1976, what completed the annual plan of 170 houses, after restoring and preserving another 285 more. Read More

Cuban Cocktails Promoted Worldwide

The initiative, with a strong impact on Europe, was sponsored Sunday by producers and commercializers of Havana Club by a communiqué. Read More

Punto Guajiro: Universal Music

Fusion is trendy in contemporary music, but Cuba has been blending its world famous folk music for centuries. Read More

Central Cuba Reports Increased Tourist Arrivals

The central Cuban province of Villa Clara has reported an increase in tourist arrivals this year. Read More

Guantanamo prisoner dies

A prisoner held as an "enemy combatant" at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, died Sunday of cancer, the U.S. military announced. Read More

Cuba: Impact of Growth at Household Level

There is no lack of hardships for Cubans, but the 7.5 percent growth of the economy in 2007 has had its impact on the population. Read More

Cuban Female Cycling Gets Close to Heaven

Cuban female cycling sprinters led the performance of Latin America in the international arena during 2007, with Lisandra Guerra and Yumari Gonzalez as the most outstanding athletes. Read More

Report: Vatican's No. 2 says he hopes to meet Raul Castro in 2008 visit to Cuba

The Vatican's No. 2 official said he hopes to meet with Raul Castro, Cuba's acting president, when he visits the island early next year, a report said Saturday. Read More