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Cuba and Chile Inaugurate Direct Flights

The first flight, an IL-96 Cubana jetliner, took off from the Chilean capital with 230 passengers on board. Read More

The XVII International Book Fair Cuba 2008.

The most extraordinary literary meeting, will be officially inaugurated at San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress on February 13. Read More

To «Change All That Must Be Changed» in Cuba

I find that politics is not defined as techniques in sloganeering or rhetoric, or as the dividing line between those who formulate and establish laws and those that obey them. Read More

Evocation of Guillén in the 40th anniversary of El gran Zoo

In 2008 it will be 50 years from the publication of the book La paloma de vuelo popular (The dove of popular flight) and this celebration will be one of the pretexts of the March Colloquium dedicated to Guillen. Read More

Demonstrators Around the World Demand an End to Detentions and Tortures a US Naval Base in Guantanamo

The demonstration held in front of the US embassy in London was similar to those in Rome, Athens, Sydney, Madrid and Washington where hundreds of activists demanded the closure of the prison, part of Washington's so called "war on terrorism". Read More

Critic Award to be given in Chile to a Cuban writer

When he backed up the distinction, the Chilean writer Manuel Peña highlighted the importance of the work created by Barnet and his mastery of testimonial narration. Read More

4th National Cuban Television Festival to be announced

For this edition there were presented 262 pieces in different categories and specialties. 172 of them were nominated and 110 of them corresponded to fiction and recreational programs of reality and the rest were informational. Read More

Cuban play writer José Milián to win National Theater Award

Among the nominated to the 2008 National Theater Award were other personalities such as the play writers Nelson Dorr and Gerardo Fulleda as well as the actresses Adria Santana and Corina Mestre. Read More

Cuba Shows Slight Advances in the Construction of Housings

"The collapse of the socialist field - from where a big amount of the materials came -, the imperialistic blockade that makes the products more expensive, the scourge of eight hurricanes. Read More

Over a Million Recover Their Eyesight Thanks to Operation Miracle

Operation Miracle has made possible operations on 1,003,288 patients at 49 ophthalmological centers in 31 countries on three continents by the end of 2007. Read More