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Cuba to select Parliament Leaders

According the Cuban Constitution the Council of State will be made up of a President (Government and State chief), first Vice President, five Vice Presidents, a secretary and 23 other members. Read More

The problems Cuba is witnessing won't have easy solutions

"Don't even dream that the solutions to our problems are easy and (solutions) are just around the corner," the 81-year-old leader said in a commentary Read More

McCain looking at the cuban-americans vote, supported by Mel Martinez

McCain walked in to the hall with Martinez behind him. He said later 'We're confident that we're going to win here in Florida'' Read More

Tourists can face troubles using their MasterCards in Cuba

People who possess MasterCard credit cards processed by the Bank of America cannot use them in Cuba Read More

The Danish Company Odin Teatret will Premiere in Cuba

The Danish company Odin Teatret will premiere in two unique functions, on January Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, its most recent show Ester's Book, with script and direction of Ibel Angel, and the performances of Elena Floris and the author herself. Read More

A Cuban version of the classic Don Quixote, was premiered by the Royal Danish Ballet at the Kongelige Theater in Copenhagen

A Cuban version of the classic Don Quixote, by the island's prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, was premiered by the Royal Danish Ballet at the Kongelige Theater in Copenhagen, the Danish capital. Read More

The Play Ceniciento, Free Version Based on the Classic Short Story for Children in Las Tunas, Cuba.

This play made its debute two years ago, as a version by Ernesto Parra, director of the group and is located among the most popular of Teatro Tuyo, because it is an updated proposal from the medieval period, but takes place in a rare Cuban 21st century, with its moral and economic crises that locate the spectator in his own space. Read More

In Europe the best Cuban Orchestras

Popular orchestra Pancho Amat y el Cabildo del Son, with Emilio Morales, Federico Arístides Soto and Eduardo Morales Orozco will go to France from February 14th-24th. Read More

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage Heads the Cuban Delegation to the 6th Summit of the ALBA.

According to a wire from the Cuban News Agency that quotes to Granma newspaper, the sessions at the highest level of this Summit of the Peoples 's Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) will take place on Saturday at the ALBA Caracas hotel in the Venezuelan capital. Read More

"My conversation with Lula was just beginning", Lula (Part Two).

My conversation with Lula was just beginning, and I still have many things to tell and ideas to offer, that might perhaps be useful. Fidel Castro Ruz January 23, 2008. Read More