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Received National Award a Theater Group from Camagüey, Cuba

The amateur theater group Art-Teatro, directed by Bernardo Betancourt, received the national category during an audition carried out in this city few days before presenting "Olga Alonso" National Theater Festival. Read More

The Regional Encounter Gender and Communication will take place in province of Las Tunas, Cuba

The Regional Encounter Gender and Communication will take place in this eastern province of Las Tunas, to 670 kilometers from Havana, next February 7th, previous to the Ibero-American event that will be held in the Cuban capital at the end of May. Read More

"A La Habana Me Voy" is the Exhibit at Casa de las Americas for Mexican painter Jose Luis Cuevas

Mexican painter Jose Luis Cuevas returned to his homeland, but left an enduring part of himself in our country, with an exhibit of multiple doors into a creative, penetrating universe. Read More

The 33rd Vuelta a Cuba cycling on a 1,797 kilometer course in 13 stages from February

The competition will include six foreign racing teams, said Jose Pelaez, president of the Cuban Cycling Federation. Cuba will field its national team and several other squads. Read More

Raul Castro, 76, won 99.3 percent of the ballots in his race while Fidel Castro won 98.2 percent in Cuban elections.

Cuba's interim president Raul Castro slightly outpaced his ailing older brother president Fidel Castro in uncontested polling for the National Assembly January 20, communist Cuba's government. Read More

The Voice of Cuba: Radio Havana Cuba After 47 years on the Air Around the Globe

After 47 years on the air and positive feedback from listeners around the globe, Radio Havana Cuba (RHC) continues to be a vibrant voice of the Cuban reality. Read More

Gonzalo Rojas Presented the Poetic Anthology: "Contra la muerte y otras visiones"

As part of the activities program of the 2008 Casa Award, was presented Contra la muerte y otras visions (Against death and other visions) a poetic anthology of Gonzalo Rojas. Read More

ALBA country members: Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Dominica have outlined a strategic cultural plan

"This is the first time that several countries join together to promote a cultural strategy. Its unprecedented in the history of our continent," said Venezuelan Minister of Culture Francisco Sesto in Caracas, as reported by the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN). Read More

Cuba has purchased 100 locomotives from China

Cuba has purchased 100 locomotives from China, and 550 freight cars and 200 modern passenger coaches from Iran, informed Cuban Transport Minister Jorge Luis Sierra Cruz on Tuesday. Read More