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Viñales Valley, whose origin dates back to more than 300 million years ago

According to experts, the valley's flora is closely linked to its ancient past, since it holds 17 endemic varieties that cannot be found anywhere on Earth, including the cork palm (Microcycas calocoma), which is considered a living fossil from the Jurassic period. Read More

Cuba wants to increase scholarship quota to Jamaicans

Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica Gisela Garcia Rivera says her embassy is hoping to send more Jamaican students to Cuba to pursue studies in medicine and other areas of scholarship. Read More

With applauses, the Cuban children's theater company La Colmenita concluded a Portugal's tour

The tour also included cities of Lisbon, Santiago do Cacem, Aljustrel, Vendas Novas, Alandroal, Villareal de San Antonio, Guimaraes and Moita. Read More

Cuba did 557 cornea transplants in 2007

Cuban Progress in Cornea Transplants , 107 more than in 2006, and expects to extend this type or surgery to several provinces. Read More

President Lula da Silva will offer Cuba $1 billion in credit

In credit for food, road building, nickel mining and other development projects when he visits Havana later on Monday, Brazilian diplomats said. Read More

The Life and Music of Celia Cruz.

When singer Celia Cruz died in 2003, curator Marvette Perez knew it was time to begin work on an exhibit chronicling the life of the woman who helped revolutionize Latin music. Read More

Guatemala's President-elect Alvaro Colom sent a special greeting to Fidel and Raul Castro

Colom thanked Cuba for its cooperation with his country and said that his government looks forwards to strengthening bilateral relations with the island, particularly in the areas of healthcare and education. Read More