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August 25th

Cuban Vicepresident Carlos Lage in Honduras

Cuban Vice president Carlos Lage will attend Monday the signing ceremony of documents for Honduras" entry to the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), to be held in Tegucigalpa. Read More

August 23rd

Cuban surfers ride waves on donated boards

So far this year, Cubans have received 20 boards and another 40 are expected in coming months. Not long ago, Cuban surfers made surfboards by carving insulation foam from refrigerators with a cheese grater.<br /> <br /> Read More

Marakason the cuban quartet to achieve successes in Canada

The musicians from the Marakasón band –from Camaguey- returned from Canada , a country where they made a promotional tour, invited by the businessman Bruno Fréchette.<br /> Read More

Jazz and Cuban musical roots with the style of Yasek Manzano

The start of the “great tour” represented by the jazz genre, integrated to the musical roots of the biggest Caribbean island, took place last week in the Cuban capital, during a concert by Yasek Manzano and his band. Read More

"To Read is to Grow" is the theme of Cuba`s 18th International Book Fair 2009

&quot;To Read is to Grow&quot; is the theme of Cuba`s 18th International Book Fair, to run from February 12-22, 2009. Read More

Cuban boxers Andry Laffita (51 kg) and Emilio Correa (75 kg) Already in Boxing Finals

Cuban boxers Andry Laffita (51 kg) and Emilio Correa (75 kg) beat their rivals on Friday morning and advanced to the finales of their respective divisions in the Olympic boxing tournament.<br /> Read More

August 22nd

Cuban Boxers Secure 8 Medals in Beijing

Laffita defeated Puerto Rican McWilliams Arroyo 11-2 while Correa ousted Uzbek Elshod Rasulov by 9-7 ring at the Workers&quot; Gymn. Read More

Cuba wallops USA 10-2 in Olympic baseball and advances to the gold medal game

Cuba did right everything they had to do. The challenge was: win and go to the fight for the gold medal or drop down to the bronze medal game. The pressure was ON! Read More

Japanese artist to exhibit in Santa Clara

The political and social situation in Cuba during the ‘70s of the last century is reflected in the photographic exhibition of the Japanese artist Akitoshi Kondo exhibited at the Casa de la Ciudad, in this city. Read More

Cubans Shaking the World with Their Salsa

The musical `Viva Cuba` created and produced by Yolena Alonso with musical support from her father Pachito Alonso, was successfully staged at the 2008 International Zaragoza Expo, in Spain. Read More