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 In Cuban Province 160 Kidney Transplants Performed
The operations were conducted with aurvival rate that is among the best at both national and international levels

Celia Hernández, a housewife from the Cuban port city of Cienfuegos, is recovering satisfactorily after having been 160th renal transplant patient since 2001 at a facility in the islands province of Villa Clara.

«The patient received a kidney at the local Arnaldo Milian Castro Teaching Hospital from a deceased individual,» said Dr. Sergio Camacho Romero, who headed the multidisciplinary team that performed the operation. The survival rate from such operations at the hospital are among the best both nationally and internationally.

Patient Hernández Garcia had her two kidneys removed after suffering from renal calculus; she had gone through hemodialysis while waiting to receive a compatible organ.

The 49-year-old patient is now happy and grateful after her life has been extended.

Transplants "typically costing between $40,000 and $70,000 USD throughout the rest of the world" are performed at the facility free of cost on adults from Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos provinces.

Last year 21 transplants were performed, with the organs coming from 19 people who had died and two who were still living.

According to specialists, those who receive their kidneys from living donors have a better chance of living longer; though there are some who have received organs from the dead and have lived more than 18 years.

(Cuban Newspapers Online)

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