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Bush extends Cuba lawsuits another six months

Under a 1996 law, Americans may sue any individual, investor or business using property seized on or after January 1, 1959 Read More

Insubordination At Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba

The Associated Press reported that although Mullen acknowledged that "a closure decision was not his to make," and that some of the detainees are "high security risks," still "he favors closing the prison . . . as soon as possible because he believes negative publicity worldwide about treatment of terrorist suspects has been 'pretty damaging' to the image of the United States. Read More

Rafael del Pino, Cuban Defector's Case Dismissed

Del Pino wanted the judge to stop his critics from continuing what he claimed as a campaign to silence him after he published newspaper articles last year calling for improvement in U.S.-Cuba relations Read More

Cuba's Literacy Teaching Method is going to be used in Brazil

In the coming days will tour several places of interest in the effort to strengthen ties between the two countries. Read More

Ancient Music in Havanas Historic Center this January

This edition of the event will be dedicated to the organ, so-called King of Instruments, suitable moment to inaugurate the one located at the San Francisco de Paula Church. Read More

A Declaration of Love to Trinidad Colonial City

The commitment of each generation with conservation, but also with the enrichment of heritage is another of his viewpoints. Read More

Cuba Prioritizes Research Centers

Twenty-four researchers and the Center for Coastal Ecosystem Researches were also awarded with the Carlos J. Finlay Order. Read More

Castro's reflections: The wires made the announcement ahead of time

The Christians themselves killed each other, both for religious reasons and national interests. It seemed that everything had been overcome by history. Read More

Venezuelan musical group and their political commitment

The group was disappointed that a tropical cyclone kept it from traveling to Cuba as planned, leaving them with their suitcases packed. However, it didnt take away the hope of meeting one day on the island that moves and convenes people. Read More

Two concerts in Havana during the Casa Awards

In its 49 edition, the Cuban institution invited the flute player Niurka González Núñez and the Solistas de La Habana Orchestra to give an anticipated welcome to the jury and participants in this important event. Read More