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One of the greats from Cuban painting, maestro Manuel Mendive, first exhibits his work in diverse genres in Yucatan.
Mendive devotes himself in visual arts discourse with paintings, sculptures and videos, in which he broadly remarks his tribute to what he considers "the great mother of his roots: Africa".

Hence the sense of rituality of his works, in which the characteristic resources and elements of transculturization become evident, as axes of Cuban culture itself, where the Hispanic and African thing fuse together and that is expressed in the proper religiosity.

"The name of the exhibit gives some idea of the philosophy that can be perceived, because white color means beginning and end; green, nature, space and the theater of the life that surrounds us in general; blue is the reflection of the ocean and waters and as a main character me myself and the color of my skin, because my ideas and conceptions give life to this exposition", the artist has explained while presenting his works to Yucatec public and critics.

The exhibit is made up by ten sculptures and his paintings, with particular emphasis in the wood work in his installations, in which he gives expression to color, to show the spaces of a forest inhabited by the God Eshu, orisha of Yoruba religion, in the eternal battlefield of good and bad, of life and death, dichotomies from which Mendive appropriates and translates his creations, and from which he declares himself to be in favor of environmental defense, because for the Cuban artist, "nature and man cannot be separated".


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