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The 4th International Symposium of Hypertension, HTA 2008 will be Held in the City of Santa Clara, Cuba, from May of 2008.

The topics included in HTA 2008 cover an important part of the current strategies to fight hypertension. The Symposium includes the study of the more vulnerable sectors of the population, with risk of suffering the illness, as well as diverse proposals of means for diagnosis and treatment. Read More

Cha Cha Cha of Cuban Composer and Violinist Enrique Jorrin was Introduced in 1953

Cha Cha Cha of Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin, cha-cha-cha was introduced in the year 1953, while playing with Orquesta America of Ninon Mondejar. Read More

Cuba has Thrown a Lifeline to the Caribbeans Endangered and Critically Endangered Marine Turtles

Cuba has thrown a lifeline to the Caribbeans endangered and critically endangered marine turtles with a ministerial resolution ending all harvesting of marine turtles. Read More

Interview with Juan Formell: Are You no Longer Interested in Reflecting the Cuban Reality?

In the 1970s and 1980s, Los Van Van sang about the daily reality of Cubans at the time. Why is it that today most of the songs are love songs? Are you no longer interested in reflecting the Cuban reality?. Read More

"Wings with Tips" an Exhibition of Twelve Artists From Cuban Plastic Arts to Pay Tribute to the Apostle

Alas con Puntas (Wings with Tips) an exhibition of twelve artists from Cuban plastic arts, with the collaboration of the producer Roberto Chile, will be inaugurated next Tuesday, January 29th in one of the rooms of the José Martí Memorial. Read More

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage termed Sunday the Recently-Concluded Sixth Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for Our America

"The meeting has been positive due to results, analysis, and discussions, like that of the Bank of the ALBA," Lage told the Cuban reporters shortly before returning Havana. Read More

In an Interview with Spanish Newspaper Publico, Alarcon Stressed the Cuban Revolution's Continuity.

Cuba Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, said his country has shown evidences of stability and institutional harmony, and criticized those who "try not to see the Revolution has a strong popular support". Read More

Cuban Artists Created a 70-square Meter Mural in the Eastern Province of Granma.

The work is part of a new project named Raíces (Roots) to deck out the city to mark the 495th anniversary of its foundation on November 5, 1513. Read More

The 15 Community Video Clubs of this Eastern Province of Las Tunas, Cuba Reinforces its Work in Community

The video rooms, located in the eight municipalities of the territory, are those in charge of updating the characteristics the young public, by means of the approach to the family and to the general environment that surrounds the adolescents, and they also carry out a social analysis of the possible emergency situations. Read More

The Cuban "Yes I Can" Teaching Method is The Subject of a New Documentary Produced by the Cuban Film Institute.

According to Benny Ray, the merit of the film consists in showing peoples humanness beyond the period, system and political propaganda. Read More