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In Cuba Rock Revolution Festival 2008

The event, sponsored by Antonio Maria Romeo Music Company, the Provincial Culture Office and Communist Youth Union, will last until Saturday. Read More

Cuba will on Sunday hold its seventh election since the revolution several years ago.

Cubans will vote for 614 candidates vying for a place in the national assembly, the country's equivalent to the Jamaican parliament. Read More

Brazil's president says he thinks Castro's return

"He has incredible lucidity and impeccable health ... He's as lucid as in his best moments," Lula said. Read More

Cardinal Bertone's visit to Cuba in February

The cardinal will visit Havana, Santa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba, the home of the shrine of Our Lady of Cobre. Read More

The Cuban governments decision are to boost the development of biotechnology

Two years later and amid the beginning of the "special economic period" "brought on by the disappearance of the Soviet Union and European Socialist Bloc", what seemed to be a utopia became a reality, when construction began of a new locale located on the west side of the Cuban capital. Read More

Organizations from the Cuban civil society called for people to cast a united vote Jan 20

That day, Cubans must elect 1,201 delegates for the provincial assemblies of the Peoples" Power and 614 deputies for the Parliament, who will have responsible posts for a five-year term. Read More

In Havana at Casa de las Americas, Cuba Celebrates Songster's Centenary

The documentary, directed by Jose Montes Baguer, was filmed in 1985 at his home in Agua Escondida, Jujuy, and in the Quechua area of the province of Buenos Aires where Yupanqui created some of his work. Read More

Cyber Debate On Upcoming Cuban Elections in South Africa

Cuban Ambassador to South Africa Esther Armenteros said the participants would have an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts, while also exchanging views on the Cuban elections. Read More

Writers and Artists from Las Tunas (Cuba) Debate Medullary Topics of Their Management

In the provincial assembly of the organization, previous to the seventh congress foreseen in April in Havana City, held in Las Tunas, the assistants spoke about the necessity the artists and writers have to interact in the most remote rural communities, where there are very few recreational activities for the neighbors. Read More