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Pinar del Río, Cuba,  People Have Been Called to Vote for All
More than 542 thousand Pinar del Río people are called to participate this Sunday to the second face of general elections in Cuba; in order to elect their provincial and national parliaments.

Pinar del Río people have been called to vote for all candidates, what is to say to choose the straight ticket vote, with the aim of guaranteeing the representation of all sectors in the government organs and as a unity factor, essential to keep the countrys sovereignty.

In Cuba, the vote is not compulsory and voters have the right to go or not to the ballot boxes, and to vote for one, for several, for all, or for none of the candidates.

Last December 2nd, in special session of municipal legislatures, their delegates nominated the candidates to deputies to the National Parliament and delegates to the provincial legislature.

These positions are chosen according to the inhabitant numbers, in the proportion Law establishes; so, today the election of 40 members out of the 614 that the National Parliament will have and 76 delegates to the Provincial Parliament go to Pinar del Río.

Nominated candidates biographies are shown in public places since last December 3rd; so that voters can know their history, personal track records, and merits.

From that date to the last January 15th, candidates went through the communities and workplaces to favor the exchange with their voters and to promote the required knowledge about the values which characterize all and each of them.

Cuban democracy is distinguished by the fact that, here, political campaigns in favor of any candidate are not carried out; since in each of them, it is included the best of Cuban people.

Those campaigns are part of the past that will not come back to Cuba; Pinar del Río voters, voting for the entire slate of candidates this Sunday, will be also defending that right.
Cuba in elections: no masters, no impositions.

(Radio Guamá)

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