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Journalism is in Fidel Castro's blood, says reporter

The revolutionary leader is aware of the repercussion his words have and, he is increasingly jealous of what he writes Read More

Health Care Programs in Camagüey show good signs of stability

Fifteen per cent of Camagüey's population surpasses the age of 60, that is the reason why is so important to have a program intended not only to increase life expectancy but also to enhance elder people life quality. Ninety four per cent of lonely old people enjoy community care. Read More

PETROCARIBE starts bearing fruit

In about two years, PETROCARIBE has consolidated its position. Rather than a simple oil supply contract, PETROCARIBE has boosted technological development, transportation, refining and fuel storage. Read More

A tongueless rooster

Most birds have tongues, though unlike ours. A bird's tongue has five bones in it that support and strengthen it, together they are called the 'Hyoid apparatus'. Read More

Cuban seduced by television series OH! Havana

Really outstanding are the performances of Larisa Vega as the engineer, Mario Limonta in the taciturn and romantic speaker and Omar Ali as the husband who changes from good man into a wild animal. Read More

Tendencia, defending our roots

Currently, the group is preparing their third CD, that will have a special release in important cities of Spain. Furthermore, the band will make a tour by the island next year, together with the Spanish group Fe de Ratas and the Venezuelan rock star Paul Gillman. Read More

Atlantic Boqueron is a place where nature and man work in harmony

The community celebrates the Party of the Sea every year, an event that helps to develop the abilities and the art in the manufacture of nets for the fishing. Read More

Specialists create system to forecast drought in Las Tunas

this computer program allows picking up data to help the farmers to sow, to cultivate and to harvest in the appropriate moment, without danger of losing the effort and the invested resources. Read More

Russia beats Cuba in Volleyball Grand Prix

Positions table presents Brazil as the only unbeaten team in six matches, followed by Russia (5-1) and the United States, Italy and Cuba, all with four wins and two games lost. Read More

Cuba has solid mechanisms to address drug addiction

National Medical Ethics Commission President Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez Menendez, says addicts can be treated at any family doctor's office first, or at any community mental health institution if necessary. Read More