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Journalism is in Fidel Castro's blood, says reporter
Cuban reporter Katiuska Blanco said journalism is always in President Fidel Castro's blood, his life and everything he does.

Juventud Rebelde newspaper published Sunday, fragments of Blanco's speech as part of the seminar taking place at the "Jose Marti" International Journalism Institute.

For the lecturer, we cannot differentiate the exceptional statesman from the illustrious figure of humanity's history, the guerrilla fighter, the revolutionary or the journalist in the case of the Cuban president.

"It is a vision, a conviction, and a throbbing spirit in Fidel, as the genuine feeling that to be a journalist in his work it is useful to the cause of the Revolution and his people," stated the reporter.

Blanco noted that the revolutionary leader is also aware of the great repercussion his words have and, that he is increasingly jealous of what he writes, because he knows that every word is important and can be decisive.

We have proved the importance given by Fidel Castro to the media, we have followed his work and have been part of him, he has been directly involved in the passing of a hurricane or to explain a political decision, and direct and mobilize the people, she said.

Blanco stated that the island's head of State knows and prioritizes media in his endless interest for informing, explaining, convincing, joining and exchanging opinions in favour of a deeper public opinion.

Source: Trabajadores

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