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Boqueron, northern and coastal community in Puerto Padre City, in the east of Cuba, perhaps has adopted it name to resemble like an entrance made by the sea in the coast.

There the nature grace and the destination unite their talents together with many people while the sea shows its beautiful blue and gives a creative atmosphere.

But journalist Julian Puig Hernandez realized that this poetic touch was about to disappear and alarmed by the deterioration in that community at least six months ago, he intended to devise a form to revert the situation, so he created in Boqueron, a space for the culture.

According to Julian, it is a community project that aims at transforming the situation of lack of spaces for recreational and cultural activities, and for the development of a better quality for the inhabitants' life. It also arose like a form to help in the care of the environment, due to the deterioration that the area showed.

This area is populated by more than 1, 500 people and there is a high artistic nucleus with the presence of writers, journalists, plastic artists and artisans, as Frank Castells and Danaisa Rojas, and many others. But it was necessary to join all the potentialities to enrich the neighbors' spiritual life.

After six months the community has changed. At this moment there are several recreational activities that are carried out by their residents with their potential capacities. They make community cultural work, included theater, and activities for children, among other interesting things. This brought the creation of a house museum and a library.

To unite all these efforts the community created a space known The Corner of the Encounters, with workshops for learning seafaring arts. It publishes a bulletin monthly with theirs activities and counts on an amplifier with speakers to listen to different radio programs as well.

The community celebrates the Party of the Sea every year, an event that helps to develop the abilities and the art in the manufacture of nets for the fishing.

This work carried out by journalist Julian Puig Hernandez together with the neighbors of Boqueron in Puerto Padre evidences the validity to promote the community cultural work, because even when the resources seem to be scarce, there are always reasons to make reality things that might be impossible.

Thanks to this project Boqueron is a true space for the culture at this moment.

Source: By Nora Amalia Vargas León,

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