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The 11th International Conference on African and African-American Culture, to take place here next April, will shine new lights on the mark left by that continent in this geographical area, announced the organizers.

The event, sponsored by the Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Centre and the UNESCO Department of African-Iberian-American Studies from the Spanish University of Alcala, will bring together scholars, artists, doctors, priests and believers in the popular religions with an African root.

The slave trade and its reflection in current historiography will be one of the main themes, emphasizing the ways of submission, the runaways and the attitudes of the slaves in front of the abuses that were committed towards them.

The wars of liberation and the relationships of Africa with the rest of the world will also be dealt with in the Conference.

One of the most important moments will be the Symposium Culture and Medicine, in which doctors and other health professionals that collaborated in countries from that continent will show their experiences on the inter-cultural contacts established
from their assistance practice.

Visual arts, music and dance of African origin workshops, theatre and ethnological audio-visuals will enrich the program.

Source: Cubarte

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