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The Queen of Spain will open a library named after the Cuban writer Dulce Maria Loynaz next 25 of November.Queen Sofia of Spain will unveil a plaque in tribute to the writer, 1992 Cervantes Award winner.

The prima ballerina assoluta, Alicia Alonso, will take part as a special guest of the Cervantes Institute – manager of the initiative – at the ceremony. She will travel next Monday to this capital, once she finishes the tour of the company she directs through Spain and Italy.

The researcher Pedro Simon, an expert in the trajectory of Loynaz, will accompany her. Simon, is the author of a collection of critical texts about the work of the poet, published in 1991 as part of the Casa de las Americas series Valoracion

multiple. Simon, together with Santiago Castelo, president of the Extremadura Language Academy, will also take part in a colloquium about the personality of the writer.

The opening of the library also includes a number of concerts and events, with the presence of the director of the Cervantes Institute, Carmen Caffarel and with the ambassadors in Tunisian, starting by the Cuban and Spanish ambassadors.

Loynaz is one of the main figures of the Cuban culture, to which she contributed with several important poems, such as Juegos de agua, Poemas sin nombre and Bestiarium and an anthological text Carta de amor a Tutankamen, among her great works.

The writer largely expressed a unique preference for her work "The Garden." Here, she recalls her younger age when she was a child and used to play and her parents' mansion garden in Vedado, Havana City.

Source PL and Cubarte

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