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US actor Danny Glover reiterates his friendship with the Cuban people

US actor Danny Glover said in Cienfuegos that he is grateful of the Cuban people’s generosity during a visit to the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP. Read More

In Cuba!

Jacob Carlson shares his experience in Cuba. Read More

Silver Sea Explorer opens cruise ship season in Central Cuba

The arrival on Friday morning by the Silver Sea Explorer in the South Central Cienfuegos bay opens the 2015-2016 cruise ship season in central Cuba. Read More

Cienfuegos plans to build ten golf courses

Luxury tourism is a target of the Cuban government, which hopes to raise $ 822 million to build golf courses throughout the island and has begun to define where some of them will be located. Read More

Spanish Company to Restore Stained Glasses in Cuba

A Spanish specialized company will undertake the restoration of stained glass set with high artistic and historical value in the Cathedral of Cienfuegos, confirmed today the director of the Office of the Curator of the City, architect Iran Millan. Read More

Hotel San Carlos's Remodelation in Cienfuegos

The eclectic facade and interior styles combine at Art Deco hotel in San Carlos in Cienfuegos, whose reconstruction will resume in the second half of 2013, according to the project and investment. Read More

Meteor Flies Over Cuba, State Media Reports

On the same day that the world was rocked by news of a meteor soaring over Russia and causing numerous injuries, the country's old Caribbean ally - Cuba - reported its own cosmic appearance Read More

Cuba to Export Guayabera Shirts to Caribbean Market

The Cuban Cultural Goods Fund in central Cienfuegos province expects to export nearly 1500 guayabera shirts, Cuban National Garment, to the Caribbean market, said the director of the institution in the city of Cienfuegos Read More

Exhibit of Cuban Heritage Sites in Central Cienfuegos

A national photo exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO  Convention on World Cultural and Natural Heritage is being displayed at the Provincial Museum of the south-central city of Cienfuegos Read More

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