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This is the precarious boat in which 5 Cubans managed to get to Miami

The five Cubans who arrived on the beaches of Miami and escaped from the authorities, arrived in a rustic boat through the Straits of Florida. Read More

This is how Cuba extracts scorpion venom and ram's blood to give it medicinal use

The Production and Marketing Company of Biofarmacéuticos Products of Camagüey uses as the raw materials for the elaboration of medicinal products the scorpion venom and the blood of ram. Read More

US threatens to increase sanctions against Cuban military for supporting Maduro

The White House Security Adviser, John Bolton, threatened on Monday to tighten financial restrictions on military forces and intelligence services in Cuba Read More

Washington and Havana to advance national security cooperation

The governments of Cuba and the United States signed Monday in Havana a memo of understanding to advance cooperation in law enforcement, which will further promote and expand bilateral links in important areas of national security for both nations. Read More

Cuba and the US hold third meeting on mutual compensations

Cuba and the United States held in Havana on Thursday their third meeting on mutual compensations to find a solution to the unsettled claims between the two countries. Read More

Joint Statement between the governments of Cuba and the United States

CubaHeadlines now reproduces the full text of the joint statement between the governments of the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America, signed in Havana on Thursday, January 12, 2017. Read More

Statement by the US President on Cuban Immigration Policy

CubaHeadlines now reproduces the Statement made by the United States President Barack Obama on the Cuban Migration Policy. Read More

Obama revokes US policy encouraging illegal migration of Cubans

In what has been considered Obama´s last move towards the improvement of US-Cuba relations before leaving the White House, he revoked the dry-feet, wet-feet policy, which encouraged Cuban illegal migration to the US, and the medical parole program, aimed at having Cuban doctors abandon their medical missions in other countries to leave for the United States. Read More

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