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The 15 Community Video Clubs of this Eastern Province of Las Tunas, Cuba Reinforces its Work in Community
The 15 Community Video Clubs of this eastern province of Las Tunas have among their main objectives for the currect year to form human and educational values in the youths, by means of audiovisual materials and colateral artistic activities.

Yudith Carballo Carralero, the highest authority of the Program Community Video Clubs in the territory, asserted that 60 percent of the public that visits those facilities per month, are students, main reason to decide the strengthening of the quality in the audiovisual shifts, with films whose scripts and plots encourage to the reflection.

The video rooms, located in the eight municipalities of the territory, are those in charge of updating the characteristics the young public, by means of the approach to the family and to the general environment that surrounds the adolescents, and they also carry out a social analysis of the possible emergency situations.

For the achievement of those purposes the Provincial Direction of Education establishes agreements with schools in the communities, by means of which audiovisual materials are inserted in the syllabus of each teaching and this way to strengthen the teaching-learning process.

The director of this Program of the Revolution in Las Tunas, asserted that the work in the educational centers, has allowed that the children attend spontaneously the Video Clubs on weekends, and find in them an attractive form of healthy, learned and useful recreation.

The monthly activities in Video Festivals reinforce the zeal of discovering talents in the different manifestations, such as the plastic arts, the song, the literature and the dance, proper to the achievement of a responsible formation, full of human values.

The Video Clubs, created in Las Tunas in November 2000, have as essential objectives to motivate the aesthetic culture, the sensibility and the artistic expression, and to propitiate the communicative interaction among the current generations.


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