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The exhibition, which is to open its doors to the public from Wednesday, January 30th onwards, has grouped together artists such as Roberto Fabelo, José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez), Alexis Leyva (Kcho), Eduardo Roca (Choco), Alain Pino, Javier Guerra, José Viela, William Pérez, Jesús Lara, José Fuster, Jorge Luis Santos and Dausell Valdés, and it will include the manifestations of painting, drawing, sculpture, design and fotography, according to Tania Rivero, public relations from the installation.

Roberto Chile, curator of the exhibition, will project, together with the twelve pieces by the plastic artists, twelve video short movies, most of them premieres, dedicated to those making the exhibition, with which the presentation is aimed to be a united whole, stated the public relations and also added that the exhibition can be visited freely for an entire month, during the usual times of the Memorial.

The program of activities from the installation also included a guitar concert under the direction of professor Jesús Ortega, last January 24th and the awarding of the prizes of the competition of the Memorial Para un amigo sincero (For a sincere friend) last January 26th.


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