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In an Interview with Spanish Newspaper Publico, Alarcon Stressed the Cuban Revolution's Continuity.
In an interview with Spanish newspaper Publico, Alarcon stressed the Cuban Revolution's continuity, and said President Fidel Castro "has entered history as a winner a long time ago".

Fidel Castro is an extraordinary person, with outstanding merits, but the revolutionary process is beyond him, Alarcon noted.

The National Assembly presidente also referred to Cuba First Vice President Raul Castro, and said Raul and Fidel are two personalities with different styles, but no difference in thought.

Alarcon recalled that when Fidel Castro got sick, US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said "we are not going to accept Raul Castro," but they both have been forced to accept him."

"There was a risk," noted Alarcon, "because some people in Washington wanted to invade Cuba.

But we are still here, proving our stability and institutional harmony, he added.

Alarcon also praised the characteristics and benefits of the Cuban electoral system, and rejected the idea that democracy belongs only to political parties and not to the people.

According to Alarcon, Western democracy has two main problems: the way a candidate is launched and the people's access to voting.

We are not candidates in Cuba. You have to be appointed by other people, and have the approval of a group of persons. That is the main requisite.


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