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The Swedish dancer and choreographer Mats Ek, one of the most important examples of contemporary dance, will premiere here this week one of his most recent pieces, Casi casa.

In a recent press round Ek declared that his performances in our country together with Cuban Contemporary Dance will be the start of several projects with the company. They are very talented dancers and working with them is nice and complicated, he pointed out.

With more than ten productions for television, 40 pieces of dance theatre and several operas, Mats Ek is according to specialists one of the most important creators of that artistic manifestation today.

Casi casa is based on the formation a dance group, some of them solo dancers who then come together in a group. It is a mixture of my previous creations El apartamento and Fluye, with two alternating casts of 11 dancers, he explained.

The piece will come on stage with the piece Mambo 3XXI, by the Cuban choreographer George Céspedes, from next Friday, December 4 and it will stay for three weekends in the García Lorca room from the Great Havana Theater.

These performances are to end a tribute period for the 50th anniversary of Cuban Contemporary Dance.

Both companies will offer about 16 performances in Great Britain and Spain in February 2010 and afterwards, in May they will reach Poland.

Born in Sweden, in 1945, Mats Ek studied dramatic art in the Marleborg Higher School.

During the 70’s he worked in the Cullberg ballet, he was forst a dancer, afterwards a choreographer and artistic director, from 1988 to 1993. There he created his first play The officer´s servant (1976).

He has been sharing his life and creation with the Spanish dancer Ana Laguna for two decades.

In Cuba, the couple performed in the opening gala of the 20th International Ballet Festival from Havana with memory and Potato.

Source: Cubarte

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