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Acapulco movie is one of the most visited theaters in Havana and during the 31st edition of the International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema, the Spanish exhibition will be presented in here as usual.

With nine feature films, some of the very renowned directors from Spain like Ventura Pons, who comes with "Forasters", a familiar intense drama and Isabel Coixet with "Mapas de los sonidos de Tokyo", starred by a female young, fragile in appearance with a secret life of assassin. This film seems to become one of the favorites in the Cuban capital.

On the other hand, there will be a strong controversy in the nomination of best Hispanic film for the Oscar. The two contenders were "heavy weights", Pedro Almodovar and Fernando Trueba.

Fernando Trueba’s “El baile de la victoria”, with a cast headed by prominent Argentine actors Ricardo Darín and inspired on the novel by renowned Chilean writer Antonio Skarmeta, is also programmed. This movie was finally selected to represent Spain
at the Oscars despite the difference between critics and moviegoers.

The plot takes us back to Chile. The opening-up after the dictatorship and the different desires of those leaving prison were portrayed in a film that Trueba confessed he put all his heart.

Screened in different film festivals, with the backing of the Spain Film Academy in Spain, this film has won some positive and negative opinions, although its author was encouraged by the great reception he received in Santiago de Chile, as well as the film festivals in Seville and San Sebastian.

While the creator Pedro Almodovar, who turned 60 years amid the vicissitudes of the controversy, promoted against all odds his latest film, “Los abrazos rotos” where he gave the leading role to Penélope Cruz once again, and for some absurd reason,
the movie was not nominated by the Spain Film Academy to compete in the Oscars, although the film successfully opened the Latino Film Festival of Los Angeles and added new awards for Penélope Cruz who is consolidating her talent and artistic

Source: Cubasí

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