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In the first anniversary of the Association of Cuban Residents in Russia, they approved a statement rejecting the US blockade on the Island.

The document, read by the organization's Chair Bernardo Torres, emphasized the organization's rejection of the genocide seize, which has been deplored by an overwhelming majority worldwide, and also demanded release of five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in the United States.

The association confirmed its solidarity with Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzales, Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez and Antonio Guerrero, imprisoned in US jails for defending our country, our families, and our brothers and sisters, said the text.

The document firmly decries the 713 terrorist acts against Cuba, organized and financed from the United States that has resulted in 1,748 deaths and 2,099 disabled people.

The Big Family in Russia, as the Association is called, reaffirmed its decision to continue defending the invincible Revolution.

It also demanded total, unconditional and unrestrictive respect to the Cuban sovereignty and independence, and the end of terrorist actions aimed at defeating the Revolution.

In the celebration of the 51st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution's Victory, Torrez read a summary of the activities in the first year of the association, including meetings with the Russian Supporting Committee for the Release of the Cuban Five, as they are known worldwide.

The association is expected to take part in the event against terrorism and for National Sovereignty that will be held in Havana on January 2010.

Source: Cubasí  and PL

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