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Here’s a deeply moving, intense and inspiring film… It’s a well thought-out film, built with mastery and ambition..

“La teta asustada” (Peru), by Claudia Llosa, shows that beauty does not evade the arduous thing, that poetry appears amid the sordid and arid thing.

Subtlety: that’s the key, identification and honesty with what is being narrated. Suggesting reasoning with the text, in the actors’ direction –watch the leading actress–, in photography and soundtrack.

You even can find the story morbid, but the look is responsible and tinged. It tells, with peculiar sensitivity, the story of a woman sunk into atavism approaching violence, poverty, marginality, traditions, cultures and ordinary people. But the portrait is never sordid or folkloristic.

Nobody should think, however, that the film sweetens or conceals.


Fausta is ill with “the milk of sorrow”, disease that is transmitted from the milk of women who were abused raped during the war against terror in Peru. The war was over, but Fausta lives to remember it, because “fear disease” has robbed her soul.

The sudden death of her mother has forced her to face her fears and the secret she hides inside: she inserted a potato into her vagina, as a defence shield, and thinks that nobody will dare to touch her that way.

Source: Cubasí

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