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The Latin version of Drácula, (1931) by the American George Melford accompanied on the guitar by his compatriot Garry Lucas, was premiered in the Havana Film Festival last Friday.

According to the musician, he included folk and blues elements with a strong Latin influence and improvises like the artists who backed exhibitions in the silent time.

The scripts workshop sessioned in the Hotel National of Cuba,  the festival’s main venue, where also the collateral awards were given.

The cinemas also showed Dawson, Isla 10 directed by the Chilean Miguel Litin and El secreto de tus Ojos by Juan Jose Campanella, which opened the movie-competition last December 3.

The publicity board includes many first works in contest, including El Vuelo del Cangrejo by the Colombian Oscar Ruiz; El Plan B by the Argentinean Marco Berger; and Daniel y Ana by the Mexican Michel Franco.

In the eighth day, spectators could also enjoy the Cuban Director Enrique Pineda Barnet´s movies, with films like La Bella del Alhambra, 20 years after the its premiere, and La Anunciacion, his most recent work.

Yesterday the interactive digital forum with Cuban cultural personalities was held  with the Minister of Culture Abel Prieto, who answered questions about Cuban Revolution´s work in various artistic expressions throughout the last 50 years.

More than 250,000 people have attended to the festival, when there are only two days left to give the Coral Awards, according to information given by the Havana Film Festival´s director, Ivan Giroud.

Source: PL and Cubarte

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