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From the most solitarian job, both claim a dialogue with the readers, drive by the reflection, the analysis and the polemic with a speech that validates itself as a space for debate.

Therefore, Antón Arrufat born in Santiago de Cuba and who is a poet and a dramatist and who is also an exponent of the essays and cultural journalism is since the publications of his texts in several publications, such as Revista Casa de las Américas, Ciclón, Lunes de Revolución, Cuba en la UNESCO, Unión, La Gaceta de Cuba an obliged reference inside the contemporary Cuban letters. Arrufat has also written different plays and was able to finally put them on stage, such as the play Los siete contra Tebas. The writer is an award winner author of the Critic Award in several genres such as novels, theatre plays and essays such as La caja está cerrada, Lirios sobre un fondo de espadas, La tierra permanente y El hombre discursivo among many othetrs.

One of the few women who has received an award for the life work, the highest recognition given by the Cuban letters, is born in Paris and is a follower of the lineage of her father, the painter Marcello Pogolotti, professor Graziella receives the award from everybody who feel ourselves her debtors, not only for her writing, but also for her big work inside the Cuban cultural world, from university classes until the critic and promotion of art and letters.

Famous for her essay prose, from the teaching of her erudition up to her sensibility that has left marks in education and in different fields of culture, Graziella Pogolotti leaves us her lessons of her teaching in such a difficult topic in which she is special for her intellectual rigor, an example also for the younger generations, for the social and ethical dimension of her studies and her social research projects, which she started, together with students and professors in the Escambray community work.


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