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Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay are the Latin American Nations Excels in Reforestation
Elias Linares Landa, secretary of the National Reforestation Commission, told Cuban press agency AIN that systematic steps are being made to reach that objective, but now that all sectors of Cuban society are involved, the work may go faster.

Linares Landa said the population is following instructions to the current drought season, avoid fires, the loss of trees and affecting the soil. All territories should remain permanently on alert, but Camaguey and Las Tunas, suffering intense drought and the most level provinces, need to take more careful measures.

"Planting and production of seeds are activities to we continue working on, as well as others that require special attention, like fruit trees and precious wood," he said.

When the Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959, only 13.4 percent of the surface of Cuba was covered with forests, compared to 24.95 percent now, when more than 6.67 million acres are registered.

Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay are the Latin American nations which supported the UN campaign "Plant for the Planet" with their forest growth in 2007.


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