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Cuba Shows Slight Advances in the Construction of Housings
With more than 194, 000 housings built in the last 28 months thanks to a strategic program that looks for strengthening all the possibilities of the economy, Cuba advances in the solution of one of its main problems.

Data offered in the Informative Round Table of the Cuban radio and television revealed a slight recovery in the plan that begun in September 2005.

However, the results don't still fuilfill the expectations, due to the accumulated necessities per years, the populational growth, and the effects of the Special Period (crisis of the 1990's), included the increase of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of United States to Cuba.

Victor Ramírez, president of the National Institute of the Housing (INV), stated that the Revolution has carried out many efforts in this sector, included the construction of more than two millions 700 thousand houses since 1959.

"There has been political will, governmental will, to solve one of the main problems the country suffered when the revolutionary process triumphed", the official said, and then recognizd that - nevertheless the advances - there are factors that prevented to reach the planned objectives in this field during the last decades.

Other meteorological phenomena from 2001 to 2005, besides our own deficiencies and lacks in this branch have impeded the fulfillment of the plans", the official asserted.

(Cuban News Agency)

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