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Cuban youth in serious condition after receiving seven stabs

On Saturday, a Cuban youth received at least seven stabs during a fight in Holguín and is in a critical condition at the Lucía Íñiguez Landín Surgical Clinic Hospital, CubaNet reported. Read More

The eternal drama of toys in Cuba: "That they take them out in the industrial stores, not only in the TRD"

The high price of toys in Cuba continues to generate pain and impotence among Cuban parents, and this is reiterated in this report, disseminated by Diario de Cuba, which reflects the criteria of a group of Guantanamo parents who have opinions on the subject. Read More

Chinese technology in eastern Cuba

Chinese specialists work in the installation of the equipment and start-up of an industry of fibers and organic substrate of coconut in the Cuban city of Baracoa, Guantanamo. Read More

Earthquake Felt in the Eastern Provinces

The Network of the Cuban National Seismology Service announced on Tuesday that three detectable earthquakes were registered in the town of Caimanera in the province of Guantanamo registering 3.6, 4.5 and 2.9 on the Richter scale during the early morning hours of April 25th. Read More

Russia donates 1.5 million USD to Cuba to palliate effects of Hurricane Mathew

The Russian Federation made official the donation of 1.5 million dollars to alleviate the consequences of Hurricane Mathew in the Cuban easternmost province of Guantanamo. Read More

UN sends another donation to Hurricane Matthew’s victims in Cuba

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), entity related to the UN system, gave Cuba a donation of mattresses and roof tiles for families affected by Hurricane Matthew in Guantanamo province. Read More

More than 60% of the families affected by hurricane in Cuba have received resources to repair their houses

A little more than two months after Hurricane Matthew crossed Cuban eastern region, 63 percent of the families affected in Baracoa municipality have received the necessary resources to repair their homes. Read More

Electricity service re-established to 90 percent of Hurricane Matthew victims

Electricity service re-established to 90 percent of the municipalities damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Read More

Construction materials to be delivered at low prices to victims of Matthew

Materials delivery to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Guantanamo advances to safe passage and with the rigor required, to ensure this process not to deviate from the provisions of the law. Read More

Pakistan donates 15 000 tons of rice to Cuba

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan gave Cuba on Friday a donation of 15 000 tons of rice, a gesture of solidarity with the Cuban nation, the easternmost area of which is recovering after the passage of Hurricane Matthew. Read More

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