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Critic Award to be given in Chile to a Cuban writer
The Critic Award promoted by the Circle of Art Critics of Chile, was given to the Cuban writer, ethnologist and poet Miguel Barnet Laza as a recognition to its literary trajectory.

As can be appreciated in the book Biografía de un Cimarrón (Biography of a Runaway Slave) (1966), re-edited in several languages, informed Prensa Latina.

In the event, which took place in the Las Condes Cultural Corporation, in Santiago de Chile, Manuel Peña thanked Barnets recent visit to that South American country. On that occasion he participated in the Congress of the Chilean Society of Writers and in the International Book Festival from Santiago.

Giraldo Mazola, the Cuban Ambassador in Chile, when he recieved the award in the name of the awarded, expressed that for our country it is a great honor that the specialized critic of that Suth American country recognizes the work by Barnet, faithful to his people and to his culture.

Barnet (Havana, January 28, 1940) is among the Cuban writers with the greatest international success, and his work has been translated into several languages.

He is the Cuban writer alive who has been published the most inside and outside of Cuba. His bibliography includes other known titles such as La piedra fina y el pavorreal (The fine stone and the peacock), Isla de güijes (Island of güijes), La sagrada familia (The sacred family), Oriki y otros poemas (Oriki and other poems), Carta de noche (Night letter), Mapa del tiempo (Time map), Viendo mi vida pasar (Seing my life go by) and Con pies de gato (With cat feet) (poetry).
It also includes Autógrafos cubanos (Cuban autographs) and La fuente viva (The life spring) (cronic, essay); Akeké y la jutía (Akeké and the hutia) (Cuban fable); Canción de Rachel (A song for Rachel), Gallego (Galician), La vida real (The real life) and Oficio de angel (Angel work) (testimony novel).

Miguel Barnet has written the scripts for several cinematographic documentaries and of the well known full length Cuban movies Gallego based in his novel under the same name and La bella del Alhambra (The Beauty from the Alhambra) inspired in his novel Canción de Rachel and awarded at the Havana International Film Festival as well as in other international competitions.


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