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Cuban Cocktails Promoted Worldwide
For the end of 2007, and with international impact, Cuban tourism authorities proposed a list of cocktails made from Cuban rum Havana Club Añejo 7 Años.

The initiative, with a strong impact on Europe, was sponsored Sunday by producers and commercializers of Havana Club by a communiqué.

Cuba ended 2007 with the sale of 3 million boxes of Havana Club to 120 countries of the world, with emphasis of the outstanding 7-year old Havana Club Añejo.

Many tourists from all over the world have tasted drinks such as the Mojito or the Daiquiri, the most famous, but now search for other combinations.

Enterprise Havana Club International has now proposed a Project to rescue recipes and national sales director Manuel Arias said domestic sales increased in 2007, in a million boxes.

The joint venture Havana Club International was created 10 years ago starting from Cuban company CubaRon and French commercializing company Pernod Ricard.


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