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New services for the people of Camagüey due to 49th anniversary of the Revolution
Member of Central Committee and Cuban Communist Party (PCC), Julio César García Rodríguez, who is also first secretary of PCC in Camagüey, presided the opening of certain social works in the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

Six houses were given to the same number of families in this young municipality, created in 1976, what completed the annual plan of 170 houses, after restoring and preserving another 285 more.

Such information was given by Jorge Pérez, director of Municipal Unit of Housing Inversions, during the opening of the principal building with a refectory included, where more than 100 sector workers will gather for lunch.

Julio César García, accompanied by Jesús García Collazo, president of Provincial Assembly and by other members of PCC, also opened a restored diner parlor at sugar mill "Carlos Manuel de Céspedes", whose workers are about to put an end to the restoring program in order of producing around 29 405 metric tons of sugar starting from January 2008.

Together with an excellent variety of 30 different meals offered at the lunchroom of this industry located at the western zone of the province, floors and toilets of principal labor areas will be completed, as well as the environmental improving conditions mainly destined to turn this place in a real food factory, everything according to the speech delivered by first secretary of PCC to sugar sector workers.

A new food store named "El Paraíso", a bakery named "América", provided with a modern kind of Chinese technology, and a workshop: "Revolución Energética" for fixing appliances such as: refrigerators, TV sets, radios, and tape recorders are among many significant works destined to the rural people of Camagüey. Up to the present it has been delivered to each family an average of 3.5 of these appliances.


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