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New brand of cuban condoms

A new brand of Cuban condoms, Vigor, is on sale in the Caribbean Island, after another popular brand, Vives, got out of the market due to the US blockade.


Cuban marketing and advertising experts designed the new brand after the US nongovernmental organization Population Services International (PSI) stopped collaborating with the island nation.


The newspaper Juventud Rebelde reported that PSI was collaborating with Cuba's National AIDS Prevention Center and the Ministry of Public Health, in addition to the international agency UNAIDS.


Those institutions were carrying out projects to market the Vives condoms in the country and launch promotional campaigns to prevent the Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus from spreading.


The marketing of condoms, the newspaper pointed out, is the implementation of commercial tools and techniques with social ends, because sales do not compensate the investment.


The main goal is to make condoms available to the people, the source added.


The designers of Vigor took into consideration its acceptance by vulnerable groups prone to be infected with the HIV virus that causes AIDS due to their very active sex life.

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