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Cuba for preventing and controlling dengue
The prevention and control of dengue affecting thousands of people in tropical regions every year is on the table Monday of two international forums on this issue, taking place in this capital.

Physicians, virologists, sociologists, epidemiologists, among other experts, are due to analyze dengue and its hemorrhagic ways, initiatives for treatment, control strategies, prognosis scores, structure and genome of the infectious agent.

Those topics will be debate in the 10th International Theoretical Course on Dengue and the Symposium 20 years of Experiences Fighting Dengue in Cuba, running at the Havana's "Pedro Kouri" Tropical Medicine Institute.

Cuba has a vast experience in controlling the infection and carries out a successful campaign together with the population, whose results will be also presented in the gathering.

The dengue is a pathology provoked by the flaviviridae virus that is transmitted to humans by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, provoking symptoms like high fever, strong pain in articulations and muscles, and inflammation of the lymphatic glands.

Source: Prensa Latina

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