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 Six  kilograms soursop in Cuba

Settlers from a neighborhood in the Cuban province of Camaguey, east of the capital, are astonished Sunday after seeing the abnormal weight of a fruit known as "soursop" in the island.

Luis Leyva, a driver of the Camaguey daily "Adelante," took his coworkers the example of the six-kg fruit, from the magnoliopsida class.

According to Leyva, this is the third time he picks up a fruit with peculiar size, so his family preferred not to eat it to show it people.

The soursop, or Annona muricata, according to the specialized bibliography, is a broadleaf flowering evergreen tree native to the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Its properties are of common use in several parts of the world to fight rickets, diabetes, cold, indigestion, intestinal parasitosis and cancer, among others.

Source: Prensa Latina

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