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The movie, which attracted 70,622 spectators in its first few weeks on the islands screens, was filmed in digital format and relates the investigation by a police agent, helped by a nurse, of a beaten and unconscious transvestite dumped at a hospital one December 28th - the Day of the Innocents.

This third work of Sotto (having previously screened "Amor Vertical" and "Pon tu pensamiento en mi" - Vertical Love and Put Your Thinking into Me), brings us into contact with the family and friends of the victim, revealing the daily attitudes of lies, deception, illusion, hope and complacency around the subject of transexuality.

The synopsis, acting, music and ambience were the most admired by Havanas public in the two weeks the movie was shown in the capital, according to a poll conducted by the Dept of Social Research of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC).

The violence that from the outset drives the work was almost ignored by those who responded to the poll, with only 3% seeing it as the films most important characteristic. Many of those seeing the movie said they had done so because it was a Cuban production. This has been a factor in past polls on other films with Cubans generally preferring works that depict the daily idiosyncrasies of their country - such as the daily social and family problems "La noche de los inocentes" portrays.

Arturo Sotto used many actors from his previous films, including Jorge Perugorria (who acted in "Amor vertical" and his most famous role in "Fresa y chocolate" - Strawberry and Chocolate - by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea y Juan Carlos Tabio) in the role of the policeman in charge of the case, as well as Susana Pérez ("Pon tu pensamiento en mi"), Silvia Águila ("Amor vertical") and Aramis Delgado.

Source: By Mildrey Ponce, Cubanow

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