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December 21st

Raúl will not imitate 'irreplaceable' Fidel

Fidel Castro's brother has signalled he will take a different approach to leadership if he takes over permanently from the ailing Cuban dictator. However, Raúl Castro, who has been standing in for his older sibling for the past five months, insisted that Cuba's one party communist system would continue with or without the figurehead that has led it for almost half a century. Read More

Cubas visually impaired train musical ear

Visually impaired Cubans are showing off their musical abilities at an event for aficionados being held through Thursday in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The Tenth Frank Emilio Festival is sponsored by the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired which serves people throughout the island. Read More

Vintium Export bets on cuban market

The Spanish corporation Vintium Export has presented wines from six wineries from the Basque Country, with the goal of gaining ground in Cuba's tourist sector. The event, sponsored by the corporation CUBALSE and the Club of Sommeliers of Cuba, was held at El Pedregal Restaurant, where several brands of red wine were tasted. Read More

Cuban university student federation congress ends

The 7th Congress of the Federation of University Students (FEU) ends today with a plenary session, elections for the National Secretariat and the approval of new statutes and regulations for the organization. Read More

Bayamo promotes tourist attractions

The city of Bayamo, in the eastern Cuban province of Granma, is promoting its tourist attractions to become a major destination. In order to achieve that goal, the city is undertaking a series of initiatives, including the opening of fast-food establishments, a wax museum and art schools, among other options. Read More

Thousands of Cubans make pilgrimage to sanctuary honoring St. Lazarus

Thousands of Catholic Cubans expressed their faith and devotion to St. Lazarus by making a pilgrimage to a sanctuary in El Rincon, located less than 20 miles west of Havana. The devotion to St. Lazarus, known in Cuba as the miraculous saint and sometimes called "Old Lazarus," is one of the island's deepest. Read More

Pupi y los que Son Son, wide tour in Europe

Pupi y los que Son Son, belonging to the artist catalog of Clave Cubana Agency from ARTEX.S.A, is readying important presentations at party salons and discotheques in Europe. Read More

Napoleonic Museum to celebrate its 45th anniversary

The controversial figure that was Napoleon Bonaparte and the undisputable cultural and spiritual link between the people of Cuba and France were the central aspects of the conference given by the History PhD Eduardo Torres Cuevas in the space Who is who? that takes place every three months-in different venues-organized by the subsidiary of the Asociación Cubana de Bibliotecarios Read More

World Trade Center mission to visit Cuba

World Trade Center Palm beach said it is organizing a humanitarian, educational and information exchange mission to Cuba in June. Business interests are present, but organizers indicated they will remain dormant under the current Cuban government. Read More

U.S. Rep. wants investigation into Office of Cuban Broadcasting

Rep. William Delahunt has called for a congressional investigation into the U.S. Office of Cuban Broadcasting, following its decision to air anti-Castro programming aimed at Cuban audiences on local Spanish-language TV and radio stations. Read More