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December 23rd

Columbian hometown of Garcia Marquez is setting for film of his classic novel

Director Mike Newell fights off laughter as a Spanish-speaking parrot jabbers his way through what was supposed to be a sombre shot of a Roman Catholic wake. He has no idea what the bird is saying, "but I love it," Newell says, seconds after yelling "cut" on the set of "Love in the Time of Cholera." Read More

December 22nd

Cuba aids Venezuela's corruption fight

With both countries calling corruption a major threat, Venezuela received a Cuban delegation that will help set up an anticorruption commission. Read More

Warriors get opportunity to play in Cuba

The Warriors will be paired with a local club team with whom they will practise and scrimmage in a gymnasium without lights. So that means the teams can only play while the sun shines. The Cubans might be modest people with humble surroundings, but that doesn't mean they don't take their basketball seriously. Read More

Cuba Ballet family on special birthday

Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, general director of the Cuban National Ballet, celebrated her birthday Thursday with generations of dancers she has trained and still guides. Full of optimism and new projects, the prominent artist, one of the mythic classic dancers of the 20th century, highlighted that one of the projects for 2007 is the division of the company into several parts Read More

Cuba's Bruzon faces off Ivanchuk at Mexican Chess Tournament

Just as it was expected, Cuban Grand Master Lazaro Bruzon (2648), and Ukraine's Vasily Ivanchuk (2741) will face each other today at final match of the international chess tournament Carlos Torre Repetto in Memorian, which is underway in this city since December 14. Read More

Venez, Cuba, Brazil win sports poll

Venezuelan Johan Santana, Cuban Zulia Calatayud and Brazilian volleyball players won Prensa Latinas survey on the best Latin American and Caribbean sportspeople in 2006. The US pitcher Santana, Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell and Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho won first prizes of this annual survey. Read More

Russia banks syndicate $203 mln aircraft loan for Cuba

A syndicate of Russian banks and Cuba's Àviaimport S.À. have signed a $203.4 million credit agreement, Russia's state-controlled foreign trade bank Vneshtorgbank said Friday. The credit is for 12 years and will be used to buy Russian Il-96-300 and Tu-204 passenger planes, said VTB, which is the credit organizer. Read More

December 21st

Chile, Cuba to sign film accord

The Film Co-production Agreement signed between Chile and Cuba, during the 28th New Latin American Film Festival in Havana, one of the most important such events in the region, will enhance cooperation in this field. Read More

Cuba maintains reserves for disasters

The role of the countrys reserve foodstuffs, building materials, fuel, medicines and other supplies in the recovery from natural disasters like hurricanes or drought, was praised Wednesday by the Parliamentary Defense Committee meeting in Havana. Read More

Cuba seeks blend of tourism and culture

Beyond the pristine beaches, sun and other natural beauty, Cuban legislators believe the islands culture and identity should become a main attraction for tourists to visit Cuba. Read More