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Cuba Tests Early Pregnancy Reactive

A bio reactive strip to detect pregnancy and cysts early, developed by CIGB (Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology Center) of Sancti Spiritus, is being tested in that central Cuban province. The reactive strip Heber FastLine Embarazo (pregnancy) is being applied for local women who seek menstrual regulation, with 99.8 percent sensitivity. Read More

Cuba to send 12 players to Mexican chess tournament

Cuba will send a team of 12 chess players, led by grand master Lazaro Bruzon, whose Elo coefficient is 2,648, to the 12th Carlos Torre Repetto Memorial Chess Tournament, to be held in Mexico, Gerardo Anaya of the national chess commission told Wednesday's media. Read More

JFK speechwriter recalls Cuba crisis

Ted Sorensen, speechwriter and special counsel to President John F. Kennedy, recounted his role in the Cuban missile crisis and offered a spirited defense of the legacy of the slain president before a rapt audience in Dodds Auditorium yesterday. Read More

Jamaica claim three titles in Havana, Cuba

THE JAMAICA Combined Martial Arts Team completed a perfect year of competition at the weekend by taking the Busta Caribbean Championship in Havana, Cuba, claiming three trophies. Read More

Man slain in carjacking was recent arrival from Cuba

Abilio Perez was shot at least 12 times in a carjacking at a Chevron station on East 4th Avenue and 21st Street in Hialeah around midnight, according to Hialeah police spokesman Frank Gonzalez. Read More

Cuba movie crazy over Havana Festival

The New Latin American Cinema Festival, which also includes parallel showings of European films and US independent productions, is my favorite event of the year and one of the many reasons I love living in the Cuban capital. Read More

Cuba's olive branch-defense strategy

Cuba is not picking a fight with anybody but it is combat ready if George W. Bush makes good on his threat to launch preventive attacks against more of the countries he lists as his enemies. Read More

Raul Castro attends 13th birthday celebration for Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez

Acting President Raul Castro sat in for his ailing brother Fidel on Wednesday at an event marking Elian Gonzalez's 13th birthday " and another year of the ideological campaign launched after an international custody battle over the Cuban boy. Raul Castro, 75, has been increasingly taking on his brother's public duties amid persistent questions about when " or if " Fidel Castro will return to power. Read More

Cuba frees well-known dissident

A well-known Cuban dissident imprisoned in a government crackdown on the political opposition in 2003 has been unexpectedly released. Read More