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Gao Quiang

Chinese Health Minister Gao Qiang visited the China-Cuba Friendship Ophthalmologic Hospital in Xining, Qinhai and praised the dedicated work of Cubas medical personnel and the state-of-the-art technology used at the center.

During his visit, Gao Qiang spoke with the Cuban doctors and nurses and toured the facility. He spoke about the international acclaimed enjoyed by Cuban medicine and said that this first hospital may lead to several others throughout China.

The Cuban specialists met with the Health minister and told him about the results of two and a half months of research conducted more than 30,000 people in Xining. The Chinese official congratulated all the workers and took photos with them. He said he was very pleased with his visit and that the center was off to an excellent start.

During the visit, authorities from the Communist Party of China and the Provincial Government were present, as well as doctors Ada Madariaga and Chai Duo, members of the executive board of the Cuban and Chinese partnership.

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