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New five star Cuban Hotel

The Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) announced on Tuesday that has opened the hotel Melia Las Dunas in the center of Cuba, in the exotic 84 mile long Santa Maria Key. The installation opened on December 1st, and is Cuban property with the Spanish Sol Melia hotel chain as administration. Read More

Frank Fernández, always preceded by a long-standing ovation

Convinced that artistic creation is a spiritual need through which best human values can surface concert pianist Frank Fernández makes clear he reached that notion at the age of 10. Privileged by an overwhelmingly huge musical talent Fernández proves to have been subject to rigorous academic training what led him to show great virtuosity and temperament. Read More

Cuba allocates 22.6 per cent of GDP to Social Programs

Education and health services will receive 22.6 per cent of Cuba's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is four times more than the average destined by any country in Latin America, according to 2007 budget figures. Read More

Cuban oil, gas output grow

Cuba will end 2006 fulfilling oil and natural gas production plans and new gas-based power generators in operation. Carlos Lage, Secretary of the Council of Ministers Executive Committee, rounded production to over 3.9 million tons which is 50 percent of the domestic consumption that helped to half imports. Read More

Legislature session centers Cuba week

The sessions of the Cuban parliament, where governmental decisions to rule the development of the country for the next year are made, centered the news week in the Caribbean island. Read More

Cuba claims fastest economic growth

Cuba said its economy grew 12.5 per cent this year, the fastest pace in the Westernhemisphere, and that its budget deficit remained well under control despite a 32 per cent rise in spending. Read More

Cubas transportation network gradually improving

Transportation Minister Jorge Luis Serra told the Cuban Parliament Friday that improving the countrys freight and passenger transportation entails not only investment in more equipment but also better organization and attention to the needs of the workforce. Read More