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  • 12 / 30 / 2006

Social Security
Based on the premise that nobody is left unprotected in Cuba, some 23,790 families received more than 35,500,000 Cuban pesos in social security benefits in the eastern province of Las Tunas in 2006.

This represents the largest sum of social benefits ever spent in Las Tunas.

Reutilio Sanchez, an official from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Las Tunas, told the Cuban News Service that 71 percent of families who benefited received monthly wages year-round, while the rest received loans in goods or services.

Sanchez noted that thousands of beneficiaries are handicapped and elderly, many of whom receive attention in their homes thanks to the work of 1,328 social workers.

Despite the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba, the island has steadily increased its annual budget for assisting the vulnerable sectors of the population.

Meanwhile, the Bush Plan for Cuba includes among its measures, the elimination of such benefits and the reincorporation of retirees into work should the US ever succeed in overthrowing the island.


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