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Cuba on the Film Festivals Screen

With two long length feature films, among 18 from five nations competing at the official section of the 28th Havanas International New Latin-American Film Festival, Cuba is on the track of the events most sought after awards, the Coral. Read More

Gente D' Zona and Las Anacaonas to Italy and Colombia

The Cuban groups of Cuban popular music Gente D' Zona and Las Anacaonas, belonging to the catalogs from Musicalia and Clave Cubana respectively, both from ARTEX S.A, will make important tours during the last month of 2006 and the first months of next year. Read More

Cuban reservoirs Improve capacity

Cuban reservoirs were storing over 7 billion cubic meters when November concluded, which represents 257 million more than a year ago. According to the National Institute of Water Resources, the 235 reservoirs in Cuba are at 80 percent of their total capacity of 1.7 billion cubic meters of water. Read More

Thumbs up for Cuba degrees

Barbadians studying in Cuba no longer have to worry about having their qualifications recognised when they return home. This was one of the key agreements coming out of the fourth meeting of the Barbados/Cuba Joint Commission held over the last two days. Read More

Cubas Bruzon to Mexican Chess Tournament

Grand Master (GM) Lázaro Bruzón heads twelve Cuban chess players to take part in the 19th Carlos Torre in Memoriam International Chess Tournament in Mexico. Bruzón, champion of the 18th edition and with 2.648 ELO coefficient, will be accompanied by Grand Masters, Jesús Nogueiras (2.554) and Yunieski Quesada (2.512), said national press commissioner, Gerardo Anaya. Read More

Los VAN VAN at the Kool Haus Tonight

Tonight just might be the Cuban music event of the year in Toronto. It's the Los Van Van concert at the Kool Haus. For almost 40 years, Los Van Van has been on the cutting edge of Cuban dance music, developing fusions, rhythms and patterns of playing drums and piano. Read More

Celia Cruzs Legacy on TV

A TV documentary reveals the mysterious whereabouts of her legacy. The investigation took four months and produced information given by people close to the star in Cuba. Read More

Cuban tune plays as Dexter carves

The tock-tock of the claves, the wooden heartbeat of Cuban music, fills the soundtrack of Showtime's newest twisted crime drama. Then come the acoustic guitars, sweet and rhythmic. A tenor voice from another era begins a Spanish song, the lyrics alluding to the Cuban countryside, and it grows into the gentle three-part harmony of the legendary Trio Matamoros. Read More

Barbados promoting Road Tennis in Cuba

Director of Sports, Erskine King is assisting Cuba to promote Road Tennis, as a sport, in that country. King presented a delegation from Cuba with a gift of road tennis equipment, which included tennis rackets, balls, nets, the rules of the game, and manuals, and he indicated his willingness to provide Cuba with coaches to promote that venture Read More