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Zulia and Rigondeux: best female and male athletes

Mid-distance runner Zulia Calatayud and boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux were selected as Best Cuban Female and Male Athletes of 2006 Read More

Nickel still number one for Cuba

Nickel retained its first place among Cuban exports in 2006, its earnings boosted by unprecedented high prices on the international market, although output was lower than the government had hoped. Read More

Religious Merger Prevail in Cuban Identity

Cuban renowned ethnologist Natalia Bolivar said Afro-Cuban religions are a key part of Cuba's national identity and their importance lies in solving human problems. Read More

Cuba slams people smuggling to US

At least two Cubans continue missing Thursday, after the motorboat in which they were trying to illegally leave the country sank this week, part of a new people s smuggling operation towards the US. Read More

Cuba boosts culture for happiness

Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto said the quantity and quality of existing cultural offers in the country is a priority of his sector in the face of 2007. The idea includes the creation of spaces for all kinds of music lovers, with a program meeting the requirements of each sector, the minister told Prensa Latina. Read More

Bolivian court orders Cuban dissident deported

A Bolivian court ruled on Wednesday that a Cuban dissident who criticized improved relations between Bolivia and Cuba should be deported to the communist country. Read More

Cuba a wonderful place to visit

I encourage those looking for a safe, interesting winter holiday in this hemisphere, free from strip malls, Wal-Marts, KFCs or McDonald's, to try Cuba. Read More